Computer Anxiety

Methods for Reducing Computer Anxiety

Computer anxiety is a temporary condition that can be reduced through a comfortable learning environment. Increased exposure to the computer minimizes the negative conditions that exist and results in positive attitudes toward the subject matter. To create an anxiety reduced learning environment, your tutor will:

Use humour to build rapport
Humour is one of the best tools to help reduce computer anxiety. Laughter builds rapport between instructors and learners, which helps alleviate computer anxiety

Start lessons with basic concepts
Lessons will begin with laying the groundwork for basic program operation and it will never be assumed that all students will have basic computer skills. If a course requires a certain level of computer proficiency, this will be clearly outlined and alternatives will be provided for students to gain basic skills

Use computer lingo only when educationally necessary
Your Tutor will avoid using computer jargon. For adults, learning computer terminology can be as important as learning to use the computer

Make sure all lessons are hands on
Instructors can help reduce computer anxiety by familiarizing students with computers and making them active learners. They will help students with problems by providing verbal guidance or by using a demonstration machine, but will never grab a student's mouse or keyboard and do their work for them. The reward of students completing tasks on their own is worth the effort.