Basic lessons are email and internet and do not necessarily cover the list below. Most people are off and running after four lessons. 
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  1. The Start Menu*
  2. Starting Windows*
  3. Getting to Know Windows*
  4. Your Computer Session*
  5. Default Menu Folders*
  6. Getting to Know Start Menu*
  7. Using Windows Update*
  8. Getting to Know Folders*
  9. Customising the Start Menu
  10. Managing Files and Folders
  11. Using Search
  12. Understand Windows
  13. Manipulating Windows
  14. Resizing Windows
  15. Understanding Menus
  16. Using Notepad
  17. Using Paint
  18. Using Wordpad
  19. Using the Clock
  20. Using the Calculator
  21. Using the Command Prompt
  22. Using Facebook
  23. Using Email
  24. Make a Website

Starting Windows
• Using the Windows Welcome Tutorial
• Taking the Windows Tour
• Activating Windows
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Your Computer Session
• Logging On
• Logging Off
• Switching Between Users
• Restarting the Computer
• Sending the Computer into Hibernation
• Shutting Down the Computer
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Getting to Know Windows
• Working with the Windows Windows 7 Interface
• Using the Start Menu
• Using Icons
• Using Windows
• Using the Desktop
• Using the Taskbar
• Using Windows Explorer
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The Start Menu
• Accessing the Most Frequently Used Programs
• Accessing All Programs
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Default Menu Folders
• Accessing Accessories
• Accessing Games
• Adding Applications to the Startup Menu
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Getting to Know Start Menu
• Adding Programs to the Start Menu
• Removing Programs from the Start Menu
• Running Programs and opening Folders and Documents
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Using Windows Update
• About Windows Update
• Using Automatic Update
• Running Windows Update
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Getting to Know Folders
• About Folders
• Using My Documents
• Using My Pictures
• Using My Music
• Using My Computer
• Using My Network Places
• Using the Recycle Bin
• Displaying Folders on the Desktop
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Customising the Start Menu
• Selecting a Start Menu Style
• Selecting a Start Menu Icon Size
• Changing the Number of Programs Displayed in the Start Menu
• Displaying Internet and E-mail Programs
• Changing Start Menu Settings
• Modifying Menu Items
• Displaying Recent Documents
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Managing Files and Folders
• Opening a File or Folder
• Copying, Cutting, and Pasting Files and Folders
• Creating Shortcuts for Files and Folders
• Renaming Files and Folders
• Deleting Files and Folders
• Changing File and Folder Views
• Displaying the File and Folder Structure
• Navigating Folders
• Displaying File and Folder Properties
• Modifying Folder Options
• Modifying the Folder Window Toolbar
• Using Task Panels
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Using Search
• About the Search Companion
• Displaying the Search Companion
• Searching for Pictures, Music, or Video
• Searching for Documents
• Searching for all Files and Folders
• Searching for Computers or People
• Searching for Information in the Help and Support Center
• Searching the Internet
• Changing Search Companion Preferences
• Find on this Page
• Using Windows Explorer or My Computer
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Understanding Windows
• About Windows
• Using the Title Bar
• Using the Program or Folder Icon
• Using the Scroll Bars
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Manipulating Windows
• Minimizing Windows
• Minimizing All Open Windows
• Maximizing Windows
• Restoring Windows
• Closing Windows
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Resizing Windows
• Resizing the Window Border
• Cascading Windows
• Tiling Windows Horizontally
• Tiling Windows Vertically
• Moving a Window
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Understanding Menus
•Getting to Know Windows Menus
•Using the File Menu
•Using the Edit Menu
•Using the View Menu
•Using the Favorites Menu
•Using the Tools Menu
•Using the Help Menu
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Using Notepad
• About Notepad
• Opening Notepad
• Entering Text in Notepad
• Finding Text in a Notepad Document
• Replacing Text in a Notepad Document
• Wrapping Text
• Saving a Notepad Document
• Printing a Notepad Document
• Exiting Notepad
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Using Paint
• About Paint
• Opening Paint
• Drawing a Line with a Pencil
• Drawing a Line with a Brush
• Drawing a Line with an Airbrush
• Adding Text
• Adding Shapes
• Filling Shapes with Color
• Erasing a Drawing
• Opening an Existing Image
• Saving an Image
• Setting an Image as the Desktop Background
• Printing an Image
• Exiting Paint
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Using Wordpad
• About WordPad
• Opening WordPad
• Entering Text in WordPad
• Formatting Text
• Inserting Objects
• Saving a WordPad Document
• Printing a WordPad Document
• Exiting WordPad
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Using the Clock
• About the Clock
• Displaying the Clock
• Setting the Date and Time
• Setting the Time Zone
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Using the Calculator
• About the Calculator
• Displaying the Calculator
• Switching between the Standard and Scientific Calculator
• Using the Number Pad
• Exiting Calculator
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Using the Command Prompt
• About the Command Prompt
• Opening the Command Prompt
• Exiting the Command Prompt
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Using Facebook
• How to sign up
• How to post
• How to find friends
• How to use messages
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Using Email
• About Email providers
• Making a new email address
• Sending and receiving email
• Adding contacts
• Sending attachments
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Make a Website
• About Blogger
• Using Template Design
• Custom Robot Tags
• Posts and Pages
• Layout and Gadgets
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